American Girls and Me


American Girl fans, come enjoy exploring the history and culture of the American Girl book series while you write and share about yourself.  You will make butter and bread like Felicity Merriman would have during the colonial times.  Learn to dance the jitterbug like Molly in the 1940s, and be an aspiring journalist and report out the daily scoop like Kit.  Enjoy lively craft-filled days and top off the week with a fancy tea party in your finest dresses. Dolls are invited to attend the festivities.

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Melissa Cullers
Week 4, July 20-31, 2020 (online)
The teacher for the American Girl camp was amazing. She was well prepared, had lots planned for the girls and knew how to adjust her teaching to the girls in the current class. My daughter woke up every day excited to learn about a new doll and what craft would go along with it. She also loved the free time to play dolls with other die-hard American Girls fans. It was a great experience, and we'll definitely sign up for this class and/or other classes.
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