COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 protocols and procedures are subject to change. This page was last updated on 5/25/21.​​​​​​​


Vaccine Protocol

  • The college does not currently have a protocol for campers, staff, or volunteers regarding a COVID-19 vaccine. Pending the development and availability of a vaccine, a protocol will be created based on the recommendations and requirements of local, State, and Federal agencies.

Camp/Classroom Size

  • Each camp section will have a limited number of students to ensure social distancing measures can be maintained in the classroom.

Social Distancing

  • Classrooms and check-in stations will be arranged to ensure 3-foot or 6-foot social distancing as recommended by the CDC. Camp staff and volunteers will limit close-contact interaction with campers, using their discretion to provide necessary academic support while minimizing the risk of transmitting COVID-19.
  • Campers will sit in the same seat for the duration of the week.
  • To the greatest extent possible, supplies will be issued to individual campers and not shared. Campers are encouraged to bring their own kit of pencils, pens, crayons, colored pencils, scissors, etc. When sharing is required (i.e. laptops, lab equipment, etc.), the equipment will be cleaned and disinfected.

Face Masks

  • All campers, instructors, volunteers, and staff are required to wear a face mask on campus. Masks must cover the nose and mouth. Face coverings may be removed only while eating, drinking, or while maintaining social distancing during outdoor recess.
  • Campers are required to bring their own mask and are encouraged to bring an extra each day in case one breaks, tears, or gets dirty or wet. Masks may not contain offensive graphics or language. Campers without am appropriate mask will be moved to a quarantine room, and the camper’s emergency contact will be called to bring a mask or immediately pick up the student.

Prescreening and Temperature Checks

  • Prior to arriving on campus, each camper (or their parent/guardian on the camper’s behalf) will need to complete a COVD-19 prescreening every day. Failure to complete the screening will result in the camper being denied access to or removed from the classroom; no refunds will be given for classroom time missed related to a late or incomplete screening.
  • Furthermore, campers who submit prescreening answers not in compliance with COVID prevention protocols will not be permitted on campus and will be contacted by an HCC representative.
  • Instructors or classroom volunteers will verify each camper’s temperature upon entering the classroom each morning. Campers with a temperature above the maximum allowed by the CDC or MDH will not be admitted to camp. If the parent/guardian has already left campus, the camper will be moved to a quarantine room and the camper’s emergency contact will be contacted for immediate pick up.


  • Campers will be using bathroom facilities used by college staff, college students, and campers from other camps. Each camp will be assigned a bathroom location and have staggered bathroom breaks to limit the possibility of campers from different classrooms using the facilities at the same time.
  • Custodial staff clean all high touch areas throughout the buildings, including in the bathrooms, multiple times during camp hours. All the bathrooms get a heavy, thorough cleaning every night, Monday through Friday.

General Cleaning and Sanitation

  • Custodial staff clean all high touch areas throughout the buildings multiple times during camp hours. All the bathrooms get a heavy, thorough cleaning every night, Monday through Friday.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at every building entrance and in every classroom.

Sick/Quarantine Room

  • One classroom in the Career Programs Building will serve as both the sick and quarantine room for campers who have fallen ill, had a personal emergency, or require privacy for a medical, social, or mental health issue throughout the day. The back half of the room will be designated as a quarantine space for any camper exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Tables and chairs in the sick/quarantine room will be wiped down with disinfectant cleaner after each use.
  • In the event more than one camper requires the sick/quarantine room at a time, the campers will be space as far apart as physically possible, maintaining a minimum distance of six feet.

Positive or Suspected Case at Camp

  • In the event of a positive or suspected case of COVID-19 at College for Kids, the college will follow procedures as required or recommended by State and local health departments:
    • Campers, staff, and volunteers in the same individual camp as the case
      • Will be notified of the case by email and phone as soon as possible
      • Must leave camp and quarantine following CDC guidelines
      • May not return to camp until completing self-quarantine and obtaining clearance from the individual’s primary care physician
    • All campers, staff, and volunteers on campus that day, but not in the same camp
      • Will be notified of the case by email
      • May be required to move to a new classroom for the duration of the camp

Camper Exposure or Suspected Case

  • If a camper develops signs or symptoms of COVID-19 during camp, he or she will be safely isolated in the quarantine room until a nurse can determine whether the camper can return to the classroom or must be picked up by a parent/guardian. If the nurse determines the camper must be excluded, the camper may not return to camp until obtaining clearance from their primary care physician or getting tested and providing the camp with a negative test result.
  • In determining which signs and symptoms constitute exclusion, the camp will follow the guidelines of the Maryland Department of Health and State Department of Education’s joint “Response to a Laboratory Confirmed Case of COVID-19 or Persons with COVID-19-like Illness in Schools,” most recently updated on January 7, 2021.

Refund Protocol

  • If a camp is cancelled or closed due to COVID-19 or other reasons, a full refund will be issued.
  • If a camper cannot attend camp because he or she has been directed by a health official or medical professional to quarantine or isolate because of a positive COVID-19 test or exposure, a full or prorated refund will be issued upon receipt of a note from the health official or medical professional. The note must be on official letterhead and include the camper’s name, the reason for quarantine or isolation, and the final date of the camper’s quarantine or isolation.

Additional Information